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Each year, BCHE holds a big, fabulous formal dinner and dance for our high school aged members. This is an opportunity for our awesome group of high schoolers, who have been serving, socializing, and learning together all year, to enjoy a night of celebration--always SO MUCH FUN!

All Prom Students must be (#1) homeschooled, (#2) members of BCHE, and (#3) between the ages of 14-19, ungraduated.  The dress code and the music selection (submitted by students) reflect the Christian nature of our organization. Music will include country, classic rock, Christian, techno, pop, and most everything in between.  We choose a different theme each year, and ticket price includes full formal meal, dancing, dance classes prior to the event, and a night of fun and prizes. Log in for more information, or to register. Email with questions not answered on the website.

If you joined under a Standard Membership, be sure that you have completed service or have reserved and committed to specific service on the Standard Member Service Hub--this must be done before Prom registration can be finalized.

Prom Guests

BCHE offers this special event for the purpose of celebrating our awesome high school members and providing them the chance to build on and celebrate the friendships they've formed at other BCHE classes, events, and activities. That being the case, the option to bring guests is generally not available. Some years, if we are made aware of a significant number of non-member homeschooled students who are interested in attending prom as guests, as a means of introduction to the BCHE high school community and for the purpose of joining that community the next year, we do make that option available. Currently, we are not planning to open up prom to guests for 2024. Please email for questions about prom guests. IMPORTANT FYI: If you have never been a BCHE member (or it's been more than three years) and you join after April 1st, you are eligible to be grandfathered in for the next BCHE membership year. This means that if you join on April 1, 2024, your family membership would run through May 31, 2025, and your family would have access to prom for 2024 and 2025, and to all other BCHE classes, events, and activities.

Prom Dance Classes

We host dance classes for registered Prom students in the weeks leading up to Prom, to teach basic dance skills and introduce each year's theme dance. These are great fun and help get all the nervousness worked out before the big event so that we're just ready to dance the night away on Prom night!

  • Dance Class Dates/Times/Locations are in your registration confirmation email--be sure you keep this email long enough to get those dates on the calendar so you don't miss them.
  • Open to registered Prom students, only. Sorry, but parents and siblings are not invited--this tends to inhibit students' willingness to try new dance steps. They don't like being "on display" while they're working on those dance skills. We also understand how difficult it can be for some parents to honor the 'no photo/video' policy that students prefer while dancing, and want to create as comfortable a space as possible for students to learn and practice.
  • BCHE Behavior and Dress Code applies to dance classes. Remember, too: no gum, and water only in our rented spaces
  • No filming during dance class, please. Not everyone is comfortable being filmed while they are learning new dances and should be able to attend and practice without worrying about how they appear on video.


Prom Hosts & Hostesses serve as couples and are always present among the students, throughout dinner and dancing. They are member parents who have been active in the BCHE community for a while, so that they are familiar with many of the students in attendance at Prom. They plan, build, paint, gather door prizes, create place cards, and engrave/emboss student gifts. They are available with first aid supplies and dress/suit repair supplies to help with wardrobe malfunctions, and to give a quick dance how-to reminder to newbies who ask! Hosts help teach dance classes before the event. If students need to go to their car (to get something forgotten or to drive home), a Host dad will accompany them for safety. Hosts & Hostesses are responsible for dress code check as students enter the event, and for monitoring behavior to be sure students are honoring policy, and will either help them make adjustments (available dress extensions/cardigans, etc) to their attire or will call parents so alternate clothing can be brought. Host parents will assist students however is needed and make sure all is well.

Hosts and Hostesses work hard and we couldn't do prom without them!

Formal Dinner

Let's feast! This is a formal event, with a plated and coursed meal, and students should dress up their manners to fit the occasion. If using occasion-appropriate etiquette is new for you, take the time to brush up on your etiquette! We will touch on some basic topics during dance classes.

  • Hors d'oeuvres & Crudite Course

  • Entree Options (make selection at registration):

~King Ranch Chicken over Herbed Rice
~Steak Tips over Garlic Potatoes
~Cowboy Caviar with Polenta (vegetarian option)

  • Finishing course
  • Dessert Buffet later in the evening

Prom Dress Code

Please remember that this event is FORMAL, first--adding some themed elements is encouraged, but not required, and no one should come in costume. This is not a costume party.

Ladies formal wear is generally floor length, and tuxedos are very appropriate for young men for this event--see more details in specific 'Gentlemen' and 'Ladies' sections below. God made each of us male or female, in His wisdom--young ladies must dress as young ladies, and young men must dress as young men. No offensive slogans or graphics will be tolerated.

Your registration is your agreement to honor the dress code. If, upon arriving, your attire does not meet dress code, you will be required to correct the problem before you can proceed into the event.  It's your responsibility to make sure your attire meets code so that adjustments are not necessary. If you need some assistance making a dress appropriate, shoot us an email--we may have someone available who can make some adjustments for you. :) Have a question about your chosen attire? Check BEFORE arriving at prom to avoid having to make changes on the spot!

  • This is a formal event. A tuxedo is appropriate. Gentlemen are required to wear either a tuxedo or a formal suit (three-piece).
  • As is standard, gentlemen should remain in full dress until after dinner, and may then remove tuxedo/suit jackets for dancing. Ties/neckwear must remain in place for the duration of the evening.
  • Tuxedo/Formal Suit pants are required--no jeans, athletic pants, casual slacks, etc.
  • Remember that there's no such thing as a short-sleeved dress shirt!
  • Necktie/bowtie/cravat must be worn for the duration of the evening.
  • Dress shoes must be worn--no athletic shoes, flip flops, bare feet, sock feet, etc. Separate shoes may be brought for dancing, if necessary, but no one is allowed to dance in bare/sock feet.
  • No offensive slogans, symbols, words, etc will be tolerated.
  • Hair should be clean and groomed, but there are no restrictions regarding length, color, or style. There are no restrictions on facial hair as long as it is clean and well groomed.


  • Formal evening wear is floor-length, however, gowns may range between top of the knee and the floor. Be sure that the dress does not rise higher than a few inches above the knee when arms are raised.
  • Ladies may wear formal pants suits, providing they are formal and feminine.
  • Sleeves or straps (1-in or wider) are required. No strapless or spaghetti strap dresses allowed.
  • Dresses should generally not be higher than the top of the knee, all the way around. 
  • Midriff must stay completely covered by opaque fabric, with no cutouts. Two-piece dresses are allowed if top section covers waist of skirt section enough to keep midriff covered while arms are raised.
  • One-shoulder dresses are allowed as long as the remainder of the decolletage is high and securely attached, and sides remain modest (no breast/undergarment exposure), and the back of the dress meets dress code.
  • No plunging necklines--just a hint of cleavage, ladies. No backless, or super tight dresses. Backs should generally go no lower than the bra line.
  • Dress shoes must be worn--no athletic shoes, flip flops, bare feet, sock feet, etc. You are welcome to bring extra shoes for dancing after dinner, but you are NOT allowed to dance in sock/bare feet.

Behavior Code
  • Doors will open at 5:40pm for prom attendees. Doors will close at 6:00pm so we can begin seating for dinner. At the end of the evening, doors will open for pickup at 11:30pm. Parents do not need to sign students at drop off, but those not driving themselves home must be checked out by a parent at pick up.
  • No gum at prom. It's not allowed anywhere near the dance floor, so it's not allowed at all.
  • Students will wear shoes at all times. You are welcome to bring a change of shoes for dancing, but you are not allowed to dance in your sock feet or with bare feet.
  • No smoking. No alcohol. No profanity. No bullying. No provocative/inappropriate dancing.
  • Students must respect BCHE representatives and the prom venue--help take care of the facility/decorations and stay out of any restricted areas.
  • Students will follow dress code or must change/fix before entering the event. We try to give lots of detail about dress code so it's easy to determine if attire meets it or not, but if in doubt, feel free to email a pic ahead of time to, or speak to admin in person.
  • Students must stay within designated rented area at all times. If students leave the event early, they are not allowed to return.
  • Students are not allowed to leave with other students unless BCHE has prior approval from parents.
  • The vast majority of students do not attend with dates, but this is certainly allowed, as long as Prom Student requirements are followed, and the policy regarding public displays of affection is honored.

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