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BCHE Program Options

Looking for a basic run-down of BCHE Programs? Check out the info below! If you're a member, you can click to get all the details and register to participate in your favorite programs. If you're not a member, JOIN so you can access all the things! If you have a specific question before joining, please email

If you joined as a Standard Member, you will complete four hours of service from the Standard Membership Service Hub per year, as part of that membership fee. A few BCHE Programs require additional service, with an option to pay a program-specific Service Opt-Out fee.

If you joined as a Non-Volunteer Member, there is no service requirement as part of your membership fee, but any program-specific service requirements still apply to your family, unless you also choose to opt-out of those. Please email if you have any questions.

Remember--these programs below are just SOME of what BCHE has to offer. Don't forget:


Teen Nights/Elementary Nights
Field Trips

Spelling Bee
Science & History Fair
First Fridays

Kindergarten Graduation

Field Day
Gymnastics Days

Middle School Banquet
Zoo Classes

Academy Program

Our Academy Program meets on Mondays (Mondays & Wednesdays for upper math/science), and offer classes for PK (older fours) through grade 12. Families may choose to sign up for classes all day, or take just one--individual class fees vary. There is a per/student/semester fee and an Academy-specific service requirement (Academy service opt-out is available).

Archery Program

Our Archery Program is for members in grades fourth through twelfth, minimum age nine. We work on archery skills, muscle-strengthening and conditioning, teamwork, and discipline. Families have the option to complete one after-practice cleanup per year, or choose to opt-out of this service. Archers can choose to compete with the team at State and/or National Tournaments.

Sports Ed Program

Our Sports Ed Program is our weekly P.E. Program, for members ages five through 18. Coaches work with students to learn and play recess games and group sports, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and physical fitness. Classes are split by age, with a BYO lunchtime offered as part of the morning class. Most years, Sports Ed meets on Fridays. There is no service requirement for this program.

Grad Program

Our Grad Program is designed to help graduating high schoolers have a fun senior year, memorable ceremony, and awesome Grad Trip! BCHE works to make graduation day as stress-free and special as possible, taking care of the details so you can focus on making memories with friends & family. Senior-only activities are offered and those choosing to go on Grad Trip get to vote on experiences and get help with fundraising. Register early! There is no additional service requirement for this program.

Student Council Program

Student Council is a service and leadership training program for those ages 14+ and in high school. We work on representing our faith, ourselves, BCHE, and our families as excellently as possible. Students encourage each other to reach personal goals and strive to do awesome things, whether serving locally or on a service trip. There are both regular meetings and service dates. There is no parent service requirement, but sometimes parents are asked to serve as additional chaperones, if needed.

Basketball Program

Our Basketball Program is new, and focused on skill-building, teamwork, discipline, and fellowship. Practices will culminate in local and regional competition, but this is not meant to be a highly intense program. In general, practices will be two-hours per week, unless an additional practice is requested by coaches right before competition. Separate teams are offered for those in Middle School & High School. At this time, there is no additional service requirement for this program.

Robotics Program

Our Robotics Program is offered for upper elementary through high school, and includes Coding/Programming, depending on team goals and Coach preference. Competitions are held in the spring semester, and practice is weekly. All supplies and materials are included with program fee. There is no additional service requirement for this program.

Art Intensives Program

Our Art Intensives Program is offered at both Intro and Intermediate levels, for those ages 12 and up. Classes are kept intentionally small so that students receive maximum benefit. Instructor is a professional artist and most supplies are included with class fee and most are yours to keep. Intensives are offered in four-week, six-week, and eight-week options, and media focus varies.

BCHE Mommas Program

This program includes classes and presentations on various homeschool and parenting topics, craft parties, prayer meetings, and mom-refreshers. Some are offered at no additional charge and others require a small fee. There is no additional service requirement for this program.

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